The brainchild of Jerry Farmer and Wayne Conner, MPI was founded in 2014 to provide technology solutions for companies in the mineral processing, rail, mining and heavy transport businesses.

MPI’s team is comprised of manufacturing and operations professionals, plus several engineers with real-world experience in the coal, rail and power industries. This team brings advanced knowledge in hydraulic systems, controls, material handling, computer simulation and other technologies to every MPI project. New equipment design and development are our specialties.

The company’s flagship product, the MPI 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine, is available with multiple interchangeable processing heads and discharge attachments. The 6260 also functions as a continuous loader. Depending on the style of processing head and the type of discharge attachment, it can load trucks and open stock rail cars from stock piles and windrows. When operating on its road wheels, the 6260 rapidly and efficiently handles sand, soil, gravel, coal, salt, sawdust, snow or other materials from storage areas, streets and parking lots. As a track or paved surface cleaner, or as a material handler, the 6260 is ready to go to work for you no matter what the season!

  • For direct inquiries please contact Jerry Farmer at 618-433-3150 Ext 111 or by email.