The 6260 Multi-Purpose can do an assortment of constructions jobs. The variety of front and rear attachment means there is only one machine you need on a job site. The front attachments can be changed out in 20 minutes or less by two people. Below are a few front and rear attachments highlighted.

The interchangeable wheel cutters can be manufactured in numerous widths and diameters. This allows the 6260 to complete multiple projects with just changing the front wheel cutters.

The 6260 Multi-Purpose with the Trencher Head front attachment

The Trencher Head has the ability to trench through concrete, asphalt, rock, dirt, or a combination of these. The trenching head directs the excavated material to the long conveyor for disposal.

The material loading head has the ability to load all types of material including rocks, dirt, snow, salt, plus many other materials. The Snow Loading Head is designed with snow in mind with the ability to move 1,200 cubic yards of snow per hour.

The large Swing Conveyor has the ability to rotate 180 degrees and be raised up to discharge right into a dump truck. The Large Swing conveyor can be used with all of our front attachments.

Safety for the operator and the surrounding people is important to MPI, so there are four cameras located around the machine. The cab was also designed to maximize operator’s comfort and reduce fatigue.

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