On and off the tracks with ease, multiple front and rear attachments, a coupling attachment, a climate-controlled cab, are just a few reasons why the 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine is perfect for the rail industry. One machine can do multiple jobs. Any front attachment can be interchanged out with two people in 20 minutes or less. No rail crossing or siding needed, the 6260 can get on and off the tracks anywhere.

The V4 Broom head is designed for track cleaning. This broom head has the ability to pick up all types of material including but not limited to dirt, coal, snow, rocks.  The extracted material will be directed to the long conveyor for disposal.

If the tracks are covered with a light snow or packed with a dense rock and dirt combination (like above pictures) the 6260 Multi-Purpose machine will be able to get your tracks usable again

The Swing conveyor can deposit material right next to the tracks, into a coupled rail car, or even a dump truck. The long swing conveyor has the ability to rotate 180 degrees from right to left and can move from a horizontal position to a 20 degree discharge position

The 6260 has the ability to dump the coupled side railcar.  No need to detach from the railcar.  The 6260 air system pumps up the side railcar which in turn will allow you to dump the side railcar.

The 6260 would be perfect for rail yards with the snow blowing attachment having the ability to cast snow over several tracks at a time. The Snow blowing head has the ability to cast snow, depending on weather, up to 150 away.

Snow Blowing Attachment
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