Airport and Municipalities

The 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine has the ability to clear material from the runways, roadways, parking lots, etc. with the material loading, snow loading head, or nylon broom head. The other front attachment that would be highly beneficial for an airport is the cold air blower which would have the ability to blow off snow or debris off airport signs and runway lights. Any front attachment can be changed out by two people in 20 minutes or less. Having this versatility in one machine would be a cost saver for any size airport.

The Snow Loading Head and the 200 HP Snow Blowing rear attachment is capable of moving 1,200 cubic yards or 2,000 pounds of snow per hour. The Snow blowing Attachment can cast snow, depending on the weather, up to 150 away.

Snow Loading Attachment with Snow Blower rear attachment.

The 200 HP Cold Air Blower will produce 9,500 cfm of air with a 275 mile per hour air discharge. The Cold air blower can swing 180 degrees left and right which allows for a seventeen-foot clearing width. The discharge nozzle can also rotate 180 degrees left and right. This gives the operate the ability to clear a lot of area.

The two rear attachments highlighted to the right are the Snow Blower and Swing Conveyor.

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