6260 Multi-Purpose Machine

The 6260 is available with multiple interchangeable processing heads and discharge attachments, allowing it to be utilized year-round.

Presently there are 9 different front attachments available and 5 different rear attachments.  This versatility means the 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine can do an assortment of jobs.  Scroll down to view all the different available attachments.

Front Attachments Available

  • Material Loading Head (with or without detachable nylon broom and scarifier)
  • Snow Loading Head
  • Sand Loading Head 
  • Trencher (Wheel Cutters in numerous widths and diameters)
  • Cold Air Blower
  • Asphalt Milling Head
  • Broom Head
  • 600 Gallon De-Icer / Chemical Spray Head
  • 25’ Boom Arm (with 7 different interchangeable attachment heads, below):
    • Fail Mower Head (50” mowing width)
    • Tree Trimmer Head (84” cut width, cuts up to 4-3/8” thick limb)
    • Saw Blades Tree Trimmer (87” cut width, the four saw blades)
    • Ditcher (24” diameter)
    • Dual Brush for signal light, sign and reflector post cleaner
      (20” wide)
    • Single Brush Sign Washer (36” wide)
    • Tunnel Washing Brush (72” wide with sprays)

Rear Attachments Available

  • Swing Conveyor
  • 200 hp Snow Blower
  • 200 hp Sand Blower
  • Wood Chipper (with 20” X 24” feed chute)
  • Generator (single and three phase)
  • For direct inquiries please contact Jerry Farmer at 618-433-3150 Ext 111 or by email.