MPI 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine

The 6260 switches from road-to-rail in minutes and comes with multiple, interchangeable heads.

The 6260 Cleans Railcar Spillage

The 6260 removes iron ore pellets, raw iron ore, sawdust, and more from tracks and rail yards.

Have a Rail Yard?

The 6260 can clean your rail yard track and discharge the material anywhere with the swing conveyors.

Snow on the tracks?

The 6260 with the Snow Clearing Head can clear up to 2,000 tons of snow per hour.

About MPI

Our team is comprised of manufacturing and operations professionals with real-world experience in the coal, rail and power industries.

6260 Sand Removal Head

Sand on the tracks is not a problem with the 6260 sand removal head.

Make Short Work of Removing Sand

Rid railroad tracks of sand quickly and efficiently with the 6260 and the Sand Cleaning Attachment.

MPI manufactures specialized material-handling equipment for rail, mining, met coking and other industries. Our 6260 Multi-Purpose Machine is designed to rapidly move a variety of loose materials, including sand, coal, snow and more.

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