6260 Multi-Purpose Machine—Cold Air Blower

The 200hp 6260 Cold Air Blower front attachment will produce 9,500 cfm of air with a 275 mile per hour air speed discharge. The Cold Air Blower swing can be rotated 180 degrees left to right which allows for a seventeen-foot clearing width. The discharge nozzle can also be rotated 180 degrees left and right. This attachment is ideal for the airport and rail industries. Snow is not the only material able to be blown away, the cold air blower can also be utilized for ice, dirt, rocks, grass clippings, etc. Just like all of the other front attachments the cold air blower can be changed out in 20 minutes or less by two people so the 6260 Multi-Purpose can be used for additional jobs.

The Cold Air Blower has a Flanger/Ice Breaker attachment that will help breakup buildup of ice.

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