Wayne Conner

Wayne J. Conner joined with Jerry Farmer in early 2014 to form MPI and capitalize on their years of manufacturing and mineral processing experiences. Wayne previously served as a vice president, chief financial officer, treasurer, director and co-owner with two other partners of Elgin National Industries (ENI).

ENI owned and operated a diversified group of middle-market industrial manufacturing and engineering services businesses. It was comprised of two operating groups. Through its Manufactured Products Group, ENI was a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom-designed, highly engineered products used by a wide variety of customers in the industrial equipment, durable goods, mining, mineral processing and electric utility industries. Through its Engineering Services Group, ENI provided design, engineering, procurement and construction management services for mineral processing and bulk materials handling systems used in the mining, mineral processing, electric utility, and rail and marine transportation industries.

Wayne joined ENI in 1989 as vice president and chief financial officer. In 2007, he and his two partners sold ENI. After the sale, Wayne stayed on with ENI until 2008 when he retired, beginning his new career as a consultant and continuing his work as an entrepreneur. From 1985 to 1989, Wayne was employed by AluChem, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio — a specialty alumina processing company — as the corporate controller and chief financial officer.

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